For Heathens living in British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon and Northern California who are interested in Forn Sed; I have created this group on Facebook to function as both a blotlag (kindred) and an online group for networking between Cascadian Heathens. The focus of the group is Swedish Forn Sed, and as far as activity goes it is centered in Washington State currently.

From the group description: “While understanding Swedish helps during blóts, it is not crucial, and blóts are mostly done in English due to the low prevalence of Swedish speakers in the region.

Forn Sed means “Ancient Custom” in Swedish, and is a spiritual path which honors the pre-Christian gods of the Norse peoples, as well as one’s ancestors and the spirits of the land and the home. The general term for the gods and spirits is ‘makter’ (powers), and includes the gudar (gods), jättar (giants), diser, alver, vätter and many others. We celebrate them throughout the year with blóts and offerings, and we find them in all places around us! 

William Goetz is the primary gode (acting priest, officiator) for this blotlag, and we celebrate nine main festivals over the course of the year: Julblot, Disablot, Vårblot/Segerblot, Majblot, Midsommarblot, Skördeblot, Höstblot. Vinternätter/Alvablot and Årsväntan.

Forn Sed Cascadia, as with Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige, does not discriminate in membership on the basis of race/heritage, gender, disability, etc. The group also explicitly rejects any form of Nazism, fascism, racial separatism, sexism, religious intolerance or other form of bigotry. It is assumed that anyone wishing to be a member agrees with and accepts these terms.

The group is open to those not living in Cascadia as well, but just be aware of the regional focus.